What are some mind-blowing facts about Social Psychology?

Frequent appearance can really make the other person like you - exposure effect: most people prefer things they are familiar with.

What should teenagers stop doing in school?

Stop making excuses for not doing homework. I hate it when the teacher asks everyone to take out their homework and there’s...

What are different truths everyone should accept in life?

Once you failed in maths exam , so that doesn’t mean you’ll fail in maths again in the engineering exam. So, stop...

What are some great advice for 20-25 year old singles?

Make your health your first priority, then career, then GF/BF (Trust me this can wait if it is real and genuine).

Always remember…“A teacher is better than two books.”

Do more than is expected; carry it two miles. That’s the attitude you need to have. God doesn’t reward sloppiness.

TEACHERS CHANGE LIVES. To teach is to touch a life forever !!

“The true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves.” - Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan “Nobody forgets a good...

Which few things we should never do in our life?

Never share your important details with anyone, just anyone be it your close friend. you never know its consequences.

What is the best way to choose life partner?

First, each other is each other's good friend, does not take any condition, likes to be together with each other.

Basic Manners and Etiquette that are important to know for all……

Below are the Some of the basic manners and etiquette that are important to know for all: Don't stare...

Cricketers took up interesting professions after retiring from International Cricket…..

Brett Lee: The Australian fast bowler, Brett Lee, is one of the most loved cricketers across the globe. He has 690 wickets...

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What is your one piece of advice for having a successful lasting relationship?

Keep a loyal Heart: How to make love longer? Nowadays, young people are very open-minded and think that it is not necessary...

What do PhD students just “get” that most people don’t?

My Ph.D. taught me that Smarts and IQ don’t matter as much as everyone thinks. Can you solve a...

What are some common myths about Ph.D students and Ph.Ds?

The smartest Ph.D students are the ones with the most potential. This is often not the case.

What kind of people will not succeed in life?

People who doesn’t have self-discipline: They are usually people who are dissatisfied and anxious about their current situation. But will not have...

What are brutal truths everyone should realize earlier in life?

Your real life will start after college life.....Before that, it all was small obstacles. The best life is school...