What are Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal doing after leaving Flipkart?

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Sachin Bansal had 5.5% shares in Flipkart which he sold to Walmart. He received 1 billion dollars in exchange for these 5.5% shares, meaning Rs 7000 crore. After this Sachin Bansal has become completely an investor.

Sachin has opened a private equity company named BAC acquisitions under which he invests in startup companies.

In 2018, Sachin has made small investments in 10 technological startup companies.

In 2019, he has made his biggest investment, 650 crores in Ola Cabs.

Along with this, has invested 500 crores in 2 startup companies named ALTICO and INDOSTAR.

Now Sun is coming to know that Sachin Bansal is busy preparing to open his own bank which will be completely different from the traditional bank.

Binny Bansal had slightly more shares in Flipkart than Sachin Bansal. Even after selling his shares, Binny Bansal was working in Flipkart but he has resigned from Flipkart a few months back.

Binny Bansal, like Sachin, has become an investor who has made his first investment, Rs 450 crore, into an insurance startup company ‘Acko’.

Some former employees working at Flipkart have jointly opened a private equity company that will invest in startups. For his help, Binny Bansal has given him 200 crores.

There is a company called Nimble Labs which is making a robot named ‘Julia’ that can cook.

Apart from this, Binny Bansal has invested in many such startups which are making new technology for cancer treatment.


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