Are there unspoken rules about teens?

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If I give you my phone to look at a picture, you DON’T swipe left or right.

If we’re chatting on the phone & you have the speaker on with others around, LET ME KNOW.

Don’t take food off someone else’s plate without asking or them offering.​ ​

Borrow my pen, but do not chew it. It’s a pen, mah fellas, nothing else.

If I’m typing my password, don’t glare at the screen.

​If you’re skinnier than the girl you’re talking to, don’t bitch about your weight.

If you’ve borrowed a book, don’t make marks, dog-ear the pages or leave it open face down. If you have to do that crap, get your own copy.

That one person who reminds the teacher of last day’s assignment, DON’T!​

Keep quiet when you get a D, but quieter when you get an A.

Cutting in line makes you the biggest douche on the planet.

Don’t jump on stage during Taylor Swift’s award acceptance speech.

Don’t spit your gum on the ground.

GIRLS: If someone asks you for a pad/tampon & you have a spare, you give one to her, even if she’s your worst enemy or a stranger.

Also, dispose of that pad properly, don’t try to flush it. Ugh.

If she has a bloodstain on her skirt, tell her that in a lowered voice.

Yelling “Taylor, YOU HAVE A RED MARK THERE!” for the whole world to hear isn’t good though, and will probably spew bad blood.

If you have a cold, carry a hanky, don’t sneeze on my goddamn face.

Couples or friends walking through narrow passages with interlocked arms, move your slow asses & let us overtake.

If you know that someone’s already dating, do not intentionally fuck with their relationship or say anything that’s inappropriate.

Even if they’re SUPER cute.

If you’re out on a date, stop texting & put that bloody phone away.

Don’t kiss the teacher’s ass, just, please.

Consent and protection.


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