Why are backbanchers more successful in real life as compared to front banchers?

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Recently, an IAS Officer, Nitin Sangwan, took to Twitter and shared his old Class 12 CBSE mark sheet from 2002. When he had just scored just 24/70 marks just one mark more than the pass mark in Chemistry.

This became a national news and so many newspapers published this news with titles like ‘I got 24 marks in Chemistry’. This IAS officer shares his board mark sheet to prove ‘life is more than board results’.

This post got viral on social media platform. Very soon in India and people started discussing the uselessness of academic performance in achieving success in life.

Such type of news always become more popular because there is always many more poor performer in a society than good performers.

Imagine that another IAS Topper publishes his mark-sheet in his twitter account and show that he got 80–95% marks in his Board Examination.

Do you think that such tweet would ever become viral and popular?

The answer is NO.

It is so because almost all the IAS toppers are consistent performers throughout their academic career and have been usually a front-bencher.

However, a few exceptional ones come from the back benches by sheer luck or because they develop interest in studies later and make up for the lack of it in their earlier time. They make the news simply because they are rare and hence exceptional.

In the media parlance, it is said, “When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news.”

However, you have to be a fool to believe that man bites dogs more because that is more discussed in the popular media.

The backbenches rarely achieve success in life.

Most backbenches lead ordinary and middle class lives.

However, a few backbenches choose to achieve success in life breaking all legal and moral barriers. They either end up behind the bar or becoming the top politician or businessman in their country.



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