What are some psychological facts about love?

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Women love details: Instead of saying “You are beautiful” say: I like your hair or You have a really great sense of fashion.

Confidence beats EVERYTHING : even beats looks, money and personality. So, Pretend to be confident even if you aren’t, at least in front of your crush.

Keep eye contact with everyone and you will appear a lot more confident.

A good smell is very underrated: get rid of smoking, take showers, brush your teeth and put some perfume. And you will see magnificent results.

A guy capable of fixing things and cooking is sexy: this was reported by many women.

Busy men/women are a lot attractive: Do things that you love and don’t be free 24/7.

A watch on your wrist makes you hotter: It makes you look organized and mature.

If your crush doesn’t react well try limiting your time with her: disappearing for a while making her miss you and think about you, but never overdo this because it will make the situation worse.



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