Was Akbar really as great as written in our school books?

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Meena Bazaar was an event, especially for the women of the commanders, and for the cities. A Noroz fair was also organized at Meena Bazaar in the Agra Fort complex where Akbar and some other notable men were invited. At the Nowruz fair, Mughal men had a tradition of taking beautiful girls for pleasure.

Once Akbar found a woman Kiran Devi during this event and admired her beauty. Despite knowing that she was the daughter of his ally Shakti Singh, they pursued her.

Akbar chased Kiran and stopped her when he was alone. Akbar offered to spend a night with her. Kiran Devi introduced herself as the wife of Prithviraj Rathore, who was one of the nine gems of Akbar.

Yet Akbar could not control his lust. He moved closer to Kiran. The next moment he immediately jumped towards Akbar and took the dagger out of his chest. He said to Akbar pressing his chest with his legs.

I am the princess of Mewar. I will kill the enemy, or die, but will never surrender. We are the Mewaris who jump into the pyre of Jauhar, instead of falling into the humiliation of surrender.

Akbar was not expecting this from Kiran and he immediately apologized. Kiran Devi laid down a condition that the Nowruz Mela would never be held again. Akbar agreed to this and thus he forgave him. Akbar walked away with silence and shame on his face. A man who does not respect women can never be great.


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