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Alexandra Daddario: The actress with the most expressive eyes is the No. 1 in this list. Alexandra Daddario has a multinational background as far as ancestry is concerned. In short, we can say that she has the best of four countries, namely England, Ireland, Italy, and Czechoslovakia. In the scene for a fairly lone time because she made her debut at 16 years, Alexandria has sailed through all her roles such as Baywatch, When We First Met, The layover, etc with a great degree of elan. Her captivating eyes make her the undisputed No. 1 in this list of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses right now.

We have just seen ten faces that have the capacity to make men swoon on their knees. This list could have been an endless one because we had to leave out equally beautiful actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, Dakota Fanning, Priyanka Chopra, etc. One cannot please everyone. However, no one can dispute that these actresses deserve their spots on this list.


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