What should you never try in life?

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Liking: In the moment, luring may seem beneficial, but it could prove detrimental in the long run.

One Night Stands: I read about a few that loved them, not for me. Being “true” to someone, rather than banging random girls, is far more fulfilling than chatting them up.

Self-Worth: Never try and persuade a person about how valuable you are. If that person is really important to you and has something to offer, there is no need to explain that to them. They already know that.

Drugs: Why take a chance?

Authentic: Who cares if you’re weird? Be yourself. Never try to pretend to be someone you are not. Go with the flow and find yourself.

Opinions/Beliefs: Never attempt to force your opinions on others. There is nothing wrong with different opinions, and there is no wrong or right.

The Grass is always Greener: Never attempt to cheat on your spouse because cheating has a far greater psychological impact than simply putting an end to the relationship. Don’t be selfish but think of others.

Picasso: You are not Pablo. When someone reveals who they are — you are not Pablo — you should put down the brush and do not attempt to repaint the picture.

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