What are the top five best lessons you’ve learned from marriage?

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Sometimes you don’t like your spouse: Married life is real, every emotion you feel is real. You’ll love each other more than you could ever know is possible, and you’ll hate each other sometimes too. But you work through all the positives and negatives together through all of the emotions, you will endure.

In Marriage, you must be the exact image of what you want. If you want love, be a good lover without conditions or reservations.

Never stop dating your spouse: Keep taking each other on dates, either planned or spontaneous, and it will help keep the romance alive.

What is your 5-minute daily habit that everyone should do?

Don’t forget to spend time with your family. Remember that “Impressions get you married. Relationships keep you married”

Find your thing is the most important to deepen your relationship.

Like five year of marriage is 60 months, or 1,800 days, or 43,200 hours. That’s a loads of togetherness. Of course, you likely spend 1/4 of them working and another 1/3 sleeping. So what you do with your remaining 26,320 hours is important. Use your thing as an opportunity to choose pure enjoyment, pleasure, and fullness that life has to offer. It could be an activity of your favorite place to visit.

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