How do I choose guy for arrange marriage?

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I learned one thing from someone : If you can’t spend even 5 minutes of an enjoyable conversation with this person, then you can’t spend rest of your life with them.

Don’t ask salary or even discuss that. That’s just rude. If you want to know, you probably saw their profile so you can guess based on their title or you can search up salary range of that type of position in your country.

Do ask if and when they want kids. If you don’t want kids ever, then conversation ends there. People can change mind. He can say no now but yes later. You’ll be living with him and his family so they can convince him easily because they know how to butter him well.

Tell them you expect that they assist you in household instead of sitting around. People relax after work and that’s normal but if they see you doing something, they should come and help.

Ask how they are with money. Being careful with money is good but fighting over 100 rs. is stupid unless they are in some kind of financial problem.

Check if they are insecure…some people show it very easily because they can’t deal with people they like talking to others. Tell them you do have male friends who do treat you as sister or a bestie and see if he sees “oh that’s nice” or “OH YOU TALK TO BOYS” in a condescending way. I came across some people like that and that is a red flag. You are a human being and not his slave nor is he yours so don’t act like annoying and difficult if his female friends talk to him unless you see some suspicious texts to suggest infidelity.
Discuss living preferences – joint or nuclear.

Also one thing you have to keep in mind – if you are even 80% compatible, that is a green flag to go ahead. Nobody is perfect. You got to sacrifice somethings as you aren’t perfect either.

What you can do each time you talk to a guy, come home and make notes on what you liked and didn’t like about this person.

Then the one who has the most likes and very little dislikes are the one. Normally I wouldn’t suggest list making but in arranged marriages, it’s hard to know in first meeting.

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