Startup Era: 21-year-old OYO founder and CEO- Ritesh Agarwal

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Ritesh Agarwal Started Coding at the age of 10 and the desire to do something on his own has made Ritesh Agarwal the founder and CEO of OYO Rooms at the age of 21. His entrepreneurial journey began when he was just ten years old, where he started selling sim cards and later FMCG products too.

After completing his schooling, he came to Delhi and took admission to an engineering college where only 2-3 days he went to the college and took a 2-day leave. That was the last time when he went to college. He is on a mission to discover something where he found that a number of the people who had extra rooms in their houses wanted to be put on rent but unable to do so.

The foundation of his dream has been laid, but the path is yet to be discovered. The solution is simple to find when we have gone through those situations. That’s why he started traveling for three months and went to 100 hotels almost to identify the problems where customers are unable to find the places to stay out, and if it happens, then the services are unpredictable. This made him develop a web solution that can cater to all these problems.

His Achievement OYO- On Your Own

The solution he discovered was Oravel, which later came to be known as OYO (On Your Own) in 2013. Earlier, he started with the hotel in Gurugram, but now it has 8500 hotels in 230+ cities, including one in Malaysia.

Ritesh Agarwal is a man who was untouched by the budget problem and make his dream come true. He attained success at the age of 21, where many of this age group will fancy.

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