Why do couples live together without being married?

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Earlier times were different. Husbands were earning and wives were taking care of the home and children. Responsibilities were almost divided. Lives were running smoothly.

But with changing times girls also demanded equality. Equality in every aspect. From education to jobs. With due times they became ambitious too.

Their argument was that if a man wants a working wife then he has to share the responsibilities at home also. Like doing household jobs and taking care of children. Fine, it’s cool for Some. They got married, either Love or Arranged.

But, After marriage many couples faced a lots of difficulties. Both expected heavily from each other. Due to this, arguments also started which led to divorce in maximum cases. As both failed to compromise.

Both started blaming each other and tried to prove innocent in front of society. Boy blamed girl and girl blamed boy. Slowly couples started to realise this THAT Instead of getting married, blaming each other and then filing for divorce is a wastage of life as well as an emotional trauma. So living together without marriage under a single roof is a better option.

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I guess this could be the reason to stay in live in relationships. There is no commitment, no family pressure, not questionable to each other. Live together as long as you wish.

If they find comfortable with each other, If they understand each other after living together for sometime, If they accept each other’s flaws And decide to move together then it’s fine. They can think about marriage. Now I can see many live in couples and parents are also cool about it.

I guess present generation’s mindset is changing. Don’t know weather to criticize or appreciate.

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