What ten things can, I do now to have a better life?

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Presently I am following these ten things to have a better life and peace of mind:

Enjoying the morning winter sleep. Messaged everyone not to disturb me before 7am. Because sleeping inside a blanket is possible hardly for two months and I don’t want to miss this golden sleeping time. Never compromise with your sleep and Stop believing others. Please Sleep as per your convenience.

Having a glass of warm water in the balcony enjoying the sun light. I have stopped taking tea as I am taking giloy tablet every morning for better immune system. As per advice.

What did you learn from your B.Tech life?

Surya Namaskar twenty times .This is mandatory for me since last few years.

I take breakfast with a cup of ginger & cardamom tea. Have you ever tried? This tea is a must try. It’s awesome.

Then I open my Quora. Go through some posts while resting. Try to post some of my answers also. This is also like a therapy. If see some upvotes with comments then mood lighten up like 240 watt bulb.

Then cleaning job starts. It continues for around one and half hour followed by a hot shower. I prefer to shower after cleaning the house. And you know showering in mild hot water burns some calories also.

After lighting Diya in front of God I start cooking. Simple food like rice and Dalma. Dalma is a dal mixed with lots of vegetables. It serves both the purpose of dal as well as vegetables. Put little ghee. It tastes yummy. Sometimes, I cook mix vegetables also as I prefer veg.

Most Frustrating thing about being a high school student…..

Small nap is good if you can. But I can never sleep after meal. So resting with Quora, going through some posts having tulsi tea.

Evening time I spend in my kitchen garden balcony. Some show plants are there. Some seeds of coriander, fenugreek and spinach I have sowed. I water them. Gardening is really refreshing. It’s up to you. You can do meditation also. But try to pursue one hobby at least. Sometimes in the evening I do painting also.

I take mostly egg salad in dinner. Monday and Thursday egg is replaced by paneer or soya After dinner, I scroll my FB and check if anyone’s birth day or anniversary is there. So many students are getting married now. Therefore, I check FB before sleeping only, not to miss wishing anyone.

Then I chant Gayathri Mantra and try to sleep.

Maintaining the right attitude is easier than regaining the right attitude………


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