What does the world think about India?

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I’m going to mention the general views of the most powerful countries in the world:-

USA: We need to drain their brain to make our country more powerful.

UK: Alas! we ruled them once and now they are more powerful than us and have to maintain good relationship with them. But we won’t give back Kohinoor.

Israel: They are our as well as US’s ally and we need them as they are one of the most powerful countries in Asia.

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Iran: We are friends as well as enemies from ancient time.

Bangladesh: Our biggest friend and we share numerous commonalities but we want rights on R. Tista.

Myanmar: We are with India but sometimes turn against them.

Nepal: India is our Big Brother but we argue sometimes. Also Indian Army helped us during our toughest time.

Bhutan: We can’t help and support India much but we have one of the sweetest relationship two countries can ever have.

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Pakistan: We hate them and they hate us and this hate cycle is world famous.

Sri Lanka: We are allies since ancient times. But, don’t need their help in our internal matters.

China: We don’t need India but they are our biggest market.

Australia: We like sledging Indian cricketers and love getting sledged in return.

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