What’s your advice for parents with daughters?

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Well, neither I’m a daughter nor I’m a parent to a daughter, but I’d like to give some piece of advice to a parent, who have a daughter.

Don’t consider that having a girl child is guilt: Being a parent for a girl child is not something wrong or a sin. Don’t think that being a parent of a girl child is a guilt.

Allow her to explore: Don’t lock her inside the room, just give her the opportunity to explore the outside world.

Having Boyfriends isn’t wrong: Having a friend, who is a boy doesn’t mean that it’s Love. Parents should understand that. And also politely advice her about love and make her to understand the difference between Love and infatuation.

Safety: Instead of instructing your daughter to cover herself, you can ask her to knock at the ball, if any creep misbehaved towards her.

Menstruation and Sexual life: Most of the parents will fail to teach about this topic. Parents should take a responsibility and to feel free to teach them properly about menstrual cycle and the changes they undergo in puberty, Instead of considering that talking about it is a Taboo.

Privacy: Give them some privacy too, Don’t snatch that from her. It’s not wrong if a girl uses social media or chats with anyone at midnight.

Make her to enroll in many activities: Help and make her learn cooking, not to serve her future husband and mother-in-law, but for her survival. And also make her to do some physical activities and driving too.

Teach her to avoid Smoking, alcohol and drugs: It’s highly injurious to health for female, comparing with male. Please strictly ask them to avoid that.

Give her the freedom to make her life: Don’t decide her future, let her decide. And please keep motivating her, instead of degrading her as she is a girl.

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