What is actually legal but feels illegal in India?

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“I would like to spend whole life with you. Every moment is full of joy whenever I am with you”, she said to him while holding his hands.

He: I too feel same. Let’s get married.

She blushed while hearing this. But deep inside she was afraid because she knew her family wouldn’t allow this. She asked to her dad,

She: Dad! I love someone. I want to marry him. He is really good guy.

Dad: How dare you to even think this. Do you want us to get insulted in society? I would kill you if u ever think this again.

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She got to know that her family would never let this happen. But she couldn’t stay away from her love.

They decided to marry against their families wish. He and she did court marriage.

After knowing this,

Her dad: I am shameful on my daughter. She is dead for me now. I would never ever talk to her.

Her family: She is no more part of our family. She insulted our whole family in front of society. Now we are not answerable to anyone.

Society: Such a characterless girl she was. We never expected this. Her family didn’t teach her morals… blah blah!

Que: What is actually legal but feels illegal in India?

Ans: Love marriage.

We are not allowed to choose our partner. If we like someone, we are characterless. Society is more important, the society who only criticize others. Answering such society is more important than happiness of children.

Not only marriage, relationships, sex everything is legal but people see and react weirdly to all these things.

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