What are the twelve habits that destroy your focus and productivity?

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Yes, some of my habits really destroyed my dream. I wanted to be the IITian. But some of my habits held me back.

Overthinking: I think a lot on every topic and on every thing. This is so annoying sometimes.

Jack of all trades, master of none: Yes, it’s true for me. I wanted to do everything at that time.

Lack of concentration: As I said I wanted to do everything together. I never had a very good concentration level.

Confidence: I am not able to achieve my self confidence till now. I am not confident about myself.

Sports love: Whenever I used to get time I preferred sports. I don’t think it’s bad to have sports love but playing sports by ignoring studies is wrong.

Laziness: I was passionate enough at that time. But a little laziness can destroy anything.

Negative Thoughts: These are really very bad. This is the reason why I am not confident about myself.

Tension: I took a lot of tension and stress. Now my friends check my stress meter many times to have fun. As many a times it shows max.

Attentive: All was going perfect with my studies but lack of some attentive skills stopped me. Being attentive and focused is key to success which I forgot.

Disappointed person: This person can destroy anything easily. I was disappointed with my results of preliminary exam.

Curiosity: All habits are interconnected. Having curiosity about all things changed me to Jack of all trades, master of none.

No reward for myself: Again I never rewarded myself to gain confidence.

Time pass: Time pass caused failure in achieving my dream.
Though I didn’t use mobile or any social media for that two years these habits stopped me.

I am sharing this here because I think these points could help the other aspirants to achieve their goal.


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