What are psychological tricks while talking?

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Maintain eye contact to show dominance, However, keeping eye contact 100% would make you seem creepy. 60% would be enough

Don’t let the conversation just be about you for that makes you seem a narcissist, and don’t stir the conversation just for the other person to talk for that makes you a psychopath. Keep balance.

People tend to like to talk about themselves therefore, ask about them like Ambitions, plans, future etc.

When you first meet the person, meet in excitement so the second time you meet them they will be excited even though they won’t have an idea why.

When leaning for a handshake, make sure to keep the hands warm for that will signal trust to the other person.

Mirroring. If the other person mimics your action this is a sign that the other person is interested.

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Don’t overshare. People tend to love mystery hence not sharing a lot about yourself will interest the other person.

Mirroring. Repeat the last three words in a questioning form. That will show the other person that you were listening to them.

If you want to talk and the other person doesn’t stop talking, drop a key or a pen, which then they will be silent and you can take the chance to talk.

The way you talk about others to someone that person will take the adjective and subconsciously think it about you. When you described your teacher as a sweetheart to your classmate, your classmate will subconsciously think you’re a sweetheart and if you described your teacher as rude and stupid to your classmate, they will think your rude and stupid.

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