Was Albert Einstein an average student?

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Albert Einstein has always been a brilliant student: Both at school and at the university. Simply, he loved to engage in discussions with teachers and professors. Some didn’t like it…

And naturally, Einstein studied only what he considered really necessary, hence his low marks in some humanitarian subjects. Hence, some professors dislike him, since Einstein did not like to listen to lectures where there was only a retelling of material from the textbook.

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Albert Einstein thought something like this: I can study the textbook myself at home, I need the problems of modern science, the professor’s personal view of this science, reference points of modern problems, etc. And if the professor could not satisfy his requests, then yes, he did not attend lectures.

Moreover, all these tales that Einstein was an average student must be forgotten as it is not true. For example, when performing laboratory work, Einstein very often used his own method (theory), and not the one that was spelled out in the educational material.

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Some professors didn’t like it either. But, the results of such laboratory work done according to the Einstein method were always better than the educational method. And that was at the university! And now we recall the tale that Einstein was a bad experimenter.

Albert Einstein has always been brilliant: At school, and at the university, and in life. And his theory is an excellent confirmation of this. Whoever doubts what has been said, let them write a better theory.

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