What are some of the most mind blowing facts about Maharashtra?

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Maharashtra: The California and New York of India as Bollywood and Bulls/Bears of the Indian Stock Market lives here happily. Besides these, I have some more facts in mind.

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So you are asking about Maharashtra as a whole. Here are some facts:

The Richest state and the home to financial capital of the country: Home to the 33rd Richest person in the World as of June 2017.

God of Cricket resides here.

Known as the Oxford of the West. This city in Maharashtra is the Education powerhouse of the country.

The Western Ghats along with Konkan coastline serves as paradise for travelers.

Producer of the exotic and World renowned Sula Wine.

World famed handmade Kolhapuri Chappals are produced in Maharashtra.

World famous Oranges are produced and exported from here.

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Holds the geographical center of the largest democratic country in the world, The Zero Mile.

Home to the India’s largest Snacks and Sweets producer. Haldiram’s Revenue More Than McDonald’s and Domino’s Combined!

Last but not the least, Only state having 2 IPL teams as of 2017.

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