Why would a doctor prefer getting into a relationship with a fellow doctor?

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The medical profession demands us a lot of time and energy. We tend to spend most of our time in the hospital or in the library studying. Even the doctors who are in a non clinical branch tend to be busy, as they actively read and write research articles.

A doctor’s job doesn’t necessarily end when his/her shift ends like it happens in other jobs. Yes, we are definitely not effectively working and saving lives, but we need to study, revise behind the scenes to actually be able to do the latter.

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We might not be emotionally available for our partners. With the passage of time, we have become emotionally numb. Who would understand this better than a fellow doctor?

Our work hours are not necessarily fixed. We might be on duty for 8 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours, as per the hospital demands. Hence we might not be physically present at home to give our partner the comfort they might require.

In this field, a doctor usually settles by the age of 30. He/she has kept their career their priority for all their prime years. They have sacrificed. Who else would understand it the way they do?

If I have to pin down all the points, We doctors prefer getting in a relationship with a fellow doctor because:

They would understand your work ethic, your discipline.

They would understand when you say, ‘The patient is my first priority.’

A doctor wouldn’t question your working hours. They will support you through it.

They will appreciate the fact that you keep your career as your priority.

You can discuss your day with them, without worrying about the fact that they will understand it or not. They will. They know your lingo.

Not generalizing, but most of the people in this profession are intelligent. For someone like me, intelligence is a very important quality that I seek in a partner. For the rest, perhaps it’s more comfortable because the IQ matches.

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Job stability! Financial security! This is so important! Doctors are doctors for life. We don’t retire!

A healthcare backup. Someone who knows medicine is there to take care of you.

A resolution for a hard situation with utmost peace and calm. Our job has trained us to look at all aspects before coming to a decision.

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The relatability is on a higher level! The conversations are never ending.

They would especially make time for you. Alternatively, the time you spend together would be more worthwhile, because you both know how limited this time together is. You would spend all the time together focusing on loving each other.

Lastly, it is much more comfortable. They would love you, no matter what. You can share, you can be however you want, and they will be there with you even at the end of the day.

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