What are some habits of super healthy people?

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They understand the importance of spirituality and strive to know themselves as best as possible.

They do not take everything personally.

They are kind to themselves.

They take responsibility for their life instead of constantly shifting blame on other people for their misfortunes.

They are critical of themselves when it is due.

Effect of Thought on Health and Body

They try not to hold themselves to unrealistically high standards.

They avoid putting themselves or other people on a pedestal.

They do not have expectations (or are working on it) to avoid potential disappointments.

They accept that mistakes are an inseparable part of life and therefore, one cannot help making them.

They keep in mind that one’s mistakes does not have a final say in what kind of person they develop into.

They strive to get rid of inherent, harmful biases.

None of the secrets of success will work unless you DO!!

They are aware that their words can make or break the other person, which helps them to carefully choose the words they use on a daily basis.

They do not hold grudges (or try not to). Because they very well know that the one harboring the grudge suffers more than the one towards whom the grudge is directed.

They try to stay positive during tough times regardless of how overwhelming it all may feel.

They are always there for themselves for the support and validation they need.

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