What are IIT toppers in past years doing?

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Chitrang Murdia, 2014, JEE Advanced AIR 1:

Chitrang Murdia also opted to go for MIT and hence he dropped out of IIT Bombay after his first year of college. He always was willing to do research in the field of electronics and computer science rather than a regular corporate job.

Pallerla Saisandeep Reddy, 2013, JEE Advanced AIR 1:

Pallerla was keen to join and learn about Robotics. He completed his graduation from IIT Bombay and is currently doing his PhD in Computer Science from MIT.

Arpit Agarwal, 2012, JEE Advanced AIR 1:

Arpit Agarwal is truly a memorable topper because of his highest score ever in IIT-JEE. He scored 385/401 and then pursued his B.Tech from IIT Delhi. He also wrote a book on his journey to IIT.

Immadi Prudhvi Tej, 2011, JEE Advanced AIR 1:

Prudhvi topped JEE in 2011 and along with that got 7 rank in AIEEE. He also studied for UPSC and cracked UPSC CSE 2017 with AIR 24 and is now an IAS Officer.

Anumula Jithendar Reddy, 2010, JEE Advanced AIR 1:

Jithendar Reddy had a zeal to learn Physics and do research in the same field after he complete his graduation from IIT, Bombay. He did not settle for a regular high paying job but wanted to grow his career in research and he did that by doing his Master’s from ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

Nitin Jain, 2009, JEE Advanced AIR 1:

Nitin Jain is one of those gems of India who can do it all. He secured AIR 1 in JEE Advanced as well as in AIEEE 2009. He did not stop here and in 2010, he bagged a gold medal in astronomy and astrophysics international Olympiad 2010. He then graduated from IIT, Delhi and did his internship at Zomato, Dublin. He soon then join Twitter in Canada.

Where you will see a very similar pattern in the careers of these IIT Toppers, many of them have really inspired other aspirants to reach that stage in their careers. It is always good to look up to people who are way ahead and aspire to be there one day.

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