Why should we not prefer a government job?

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People prefer government jobs over private jobs for following reasons.

Government job has a lot security. There is no reasons to fear to lose job if anyone does not do any illegal work.

Government jobs has less work load in general. Normal it’s 10am-5pm job. Except some emergency public services.

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Government jobs has better leave prospects. In general people can maintain balance between office and family.

benefits are better than private jobs. Work to compensate ratio is far better than private jobs.

But government jobs also has some drawbacks.

No or less recognition for talent, hard work, innovation, dedication etc.

In general promotion are not dependent on employees hard work or good work.

In general, office environment in government office is not healthy like private companies.

Many government jobs like Police are worse than private jobs.

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There is no second career option after government job. If anyone loose or leave government jobs than they would not get any other job in general.

In general, most government jobs has 3 years transfer policy. As result often employees face headache of reallocation. Many government employees force to stay away from family because of remote work location.

Government employees, who posted in rural areas, are suffer most.

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