What small lifestyle changes have the biggest impact?

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Mindful Eating: Put aside watching TV, your phone, and eat. Be mindful of what’s on your plate and your chewing. This will make you eat less, improve gut health, and grow your awareness.

Pamper Yourself: If you are overly anxious and stressed, it’s because you don’t feel safe anywhere. You need to create a few safe spaces throughout your day. Find activities that make you feel taken care of. Your favorite music, a walk-in nature, soaking sunlight is a good start.

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Pause Reactions: When you feel negative emotions because of an external circumstance, pause one-minute before acting. Example: Don’t get triggered when someone insults you. Instead, take a pause! During that pause, you will realize that you have the choice. You can turn the insult into a joke, ignore it, or walkway and not make a fool of yourself.

Unsubscribe Toxicity: Unfollow unrealistic Instagram’s that make you question yourself. Ignore memes that validates your unhealthy habits. These habits appear minuscule at the moment but your mind compounds them. The content you consume daily compounds and influence your thoughts and actions.

Kill Expectations: “Will this work?” — as long as you ask for results, it won’t work. The disappointment that comes with it not working will make you quit. The only solution is to ask a different question, “What must I do?” — as long as you do the process and don’t care about the failures and successes, it will work.

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Intake Knowledge: “Which area of life is your biggest priority?” — Wealth, health or mindset, Pick one, and take your daily dose of knowledge. If you want wealth, consume content made by wealthy people. If you want health, consume content from healthy people. Even one video/answer a day will compound and influence your thoughts and actions long-term.

Avoid Impulse Spends: Wait one day when you want to buy something. If you still need the product/service the next day, then buy it. This will make sure you don’t spend on useless wants and save money. Impulse buying keeps you poor.

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