What should I absolutely not do when visiting the USA?

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Don’t get out of the car without permission if you are being chased by the police. Always sit in your seat, put your hands on the steering wheel, and wait patiently.

Don’t say “13,” “Friday,” or “3,” because Americans believe these numbers and dates are symbols of bad luck and disaster.

Don’t intentionally not tip, as this can be embarrassing for both parties. Usually, cabs and restaurants require a 10%-15% tip, and hotels also require a $1-2 per day tip for baggage handlers and room attendants.

Don’t ask someone’s age and the price of personal items. And don’t say, “You’ve gained weight.” when you meet the others. Because this is all a personal matter.

Don’t send watermelon, fried chicken, or soda to black people. It’s rude.

Don’t take pictures or make recordings on private property without permission, it’s an invasion of privacy and can be a serious legal problem.

Don’t publish photos of children. Images of minors should not be published without parental permission.

Don’t gamble at home, it is against the law to gather for private gambling. How you gamble is legal and welcome in the casino.

Don’t eat in the subway or walk between cars, and carry-on bags should not occupy seats.

Don’t take pictures with people in dolls’ clothes downtown, you will be blackmailed.

When you’re on the streets and someone offers to give you a CD, don’t take it and pay for it!

We respect freedom of speech, but try not to discuss religion or politics, especially with people you don’t know well.

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