What lessons should we learn from the life of Steve Jobs?

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One of the most important lessons Steve Jobs has persisted on throughout his life is one that You should never settle on what you truly want.

Steve Jobs went through countless struggles he did not have to go through to make the perfect apple product.

He only demanded perfection, from everyone around him just as he did from himself, but he never settled for anything less!

He was so determined to get what he wanted that he lied, cheated, betrayed, and removed everyone from his path all so he could get what he truly wanted.

Most people give up way too fast on their life, and settle for something less than what they want just because it is easier.

They give up when it gets too difficult, surrender their true dream when things get worse than they anticipated and would rather live in comfort than see their dream through.

But not Steve Jobs.

He pushed more than anyone else around, worked for perfection, and never gave up even when the whole world seemed to be against him.

Everything he did he did for the vision he had and he would not settle for anything less.

When he was fired from apple the first time he simply started over, creating a whole new company, and he would have done it again, and again and again!

Because his dream meant more to him than the work required.

He was going to get what he wanted, even if that meant he had to start a hundred different companies to do so.

In life it is not about how hard you are willing to work or how much you can do.

It’s about how often you are willing to stand up and keep fighting!


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