What is the best career advice for a software developer to earn a higher salary?

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In 10 years, my friend went from receiving INR 25K a month to paying INR 25K in taxes a month.

No matter how much it gets berated, Indian IT pays incredibly well to those who are prepared.

to work hard, work intelligently, and at the right times make the right choices in their profession.

What lessons should we learn from the life of Steve Jobs?

Tough Work: You’ve got to get able to burn the midnight oil. In your career, especially early on. There is no substitution for that. In addition to technological but also industry expertise, strive to develop your skills. You ought to raise questions about how the program lets people carry out their work.

Locate a Niche: The economy is ruled by supply and demand. The talent that is hot on the market should be yours. Your demand would be higher if you hold a niche talent. Combine the opportunity to consider the pressure points of company customers and you would be invaluable to every boss.

What should I absolutely not do when visiting the USA?

Stick to Upskilling: Technology improves quicker than diapers for infants. You have to remain up-to-date with the new technical updates. Often this can be overwhelming, but making yourself relevant is a necessary evil.

Become a Boss: And if you do your boss’s work you would be promoted. In Indian IT this is real. Make sure you are doing what your boss’s boss wants from your boss. Not only can this pave the way for advancement, but it will also keep you aware of what is happening in the power corridors.

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