How simple is Ratan Tata and his family?

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Ratan Tata is one of the successful business man of our country. He was the head of TATA Group for 25 years. Ratan Tata had a job offer at IBM but he started his career at TATA steel.

He took over the charge of TATA group at 1991 after J.R.D Tata. TATA group had acquired so many international companies such as TETLY TEA, JAGUAR & LANDROVER etc. under the leadership of Ratan Tata.

Inspite of his successful business career, he is also famous for simplicity & philanthropy.

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TATA group has its own airline company ”Vistara Airline”. But still Ratan Tata likes to travel with people in economy class.

TATA group also has Tata motors which is one of the largest automobile company in the world. It also manufactures luxurious car under their own subsidiary Jaguar & Rover. But Ratan Tata likes simple Honda cars and himself drives these cars.

Titan, Sonata, FastTrack are the leading watch manufactures in India and also in the world. Believe me or not he likes to wear basic sonata watches.

Most important thing is that, he does not refuse to take photos with common people during his busy schedule also.

Money does not makes the man great. But his simplicity makes him great!!!!!!!

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