What makes a man fall in love with a woman?

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It’s easy to know what makes a man fall in lust. It’s also not hard to understand what makes a guy like a girl. But what makes a man fall in love?

He feels seen and appreciated for who he is: Appreciation is what reaches a man at the deepest level. It reaches him at his core and softens him, hitting that elusive male emotional hot zone.

How do you know when someone really loves you?

He feels like a winner in the relationship: If a woman brings out the best in her man and inspires him to be his best self, giving him the confidence to know he can achieve anything he wants, he will never want to let her go.

He feels like he can make you happy: Men love a happy woman. And men love making a woman happy. If he doesn’t feel like he can make you happy, he won’t want to be in a relationship with you.

He loves being around her: Men move toward what feels right. It’s as simple as that. When it feels good to be around you, he wants to be around you. This doesn’t mean you’re never allowed to be sad or in a bad mood. It means overall, your attitude and vibe are positive. Overall, they feel perfect to be around you.

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She’s the total package plus: Every guy has an idea of what the total package is. Some guys like a soft woman who wants to stay at home and raise the kids. Other men like an ambitious woman who is killing it with her career. You can’t fake being the total package. You get there by working on yourself and being your absolute best self.

She is her true self: This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Men don’t fall in love with an illusion or a facade. A woman needs to be open to love; she needs to be ready for love; she needs to be honest and vulnerable.

If you have emotional issues that are getting in the way of your being able to be your authentic self, then the best thing you can do is deal with them; the sooner, the better.

How do you know when someone really loves you?


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