What are some unwritten rules of everyday life?

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Love your life instead of all the hardships, at least you got a day to deal with the problems, some may not even open their eyes the next day.

Enjoy every moment you won’t get this day or time again.

Time is a weapon either you use it to crave your goals or let the destiny crave you. So it’s better to Just utilise time.

What are the different stages of a relationship, and how long do they typically last?

Social media is basically to connect with your friends, family and to maintain your bond with them, not for followers or likes.

Don’t take your job for granted because you choose it, do your best and if you are still unhappy to go for your startup, I mean yeah it will take extra time and energy but if you once establish you won’t have to do the job anymore.

Health… maintain it, you never know when you have to deal with the worst ailment.
Wear what you find comfortable it can be the most beautiful dress or the casual one, but wear in which you feel confident and light.

Study because you still have a chance to work and turn your life upside down. To be extraordinary you have to do something different from the rest.

What is your one piece of advice for having a successful lasting relationship?


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