What are some mind blowing facts about female psychology?

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Women are likely to remember what men with deep voices say.

Women are much better listeners.

Women’s eyes speak a lot, and its the doorway to her heart.

Women drop hints and express their opinions indirectly. Men are straightforward!

Women will be your mommy at the moment you start complaining about your health.

Women are better than men at remembering faces.

What did you learn from previous relationships?

Women don’t like when others compare them with someone, but they constantly compare themselves with other women in their mind.

Friendship between two women is not so strong as friendship between two men.

Women take longer time to make a decision than men do but once they make a decision they are more likely to stick to it.

Women use both sides of the brain to solve problems while men use only the left part.

Women cheat in a much better way and have their reasons.

When women are upset over something they like to share their problems with others and if you patiently hear their problem then they feel better.

Women keep account of daily expenses just for their knowledge or savings. (i have seen so many girls rough copy last page :D)

If you wish to learn about lady psychology than search on YouTube “ The Mastery Guide YouTube” or you can search “Improvement Source” here you will get many books summary about this topic on animated format.

How do you know when someone really loves you?


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