How do you know when someone really loves you?

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Here are some signs that show he really loves you:

He’s totally comfortable being himself around you: It’s not easy to fearlessly be yourself around everyone. It’s only with your genuine friends and loved ones that you’re able to fully let your guard down and be your quirky self.
For this reason, if the guy you’re with seems to have no trouble showing you his authentic self, this is a sign of real trust and comfort.

He finds little ways to show you he cares: Not every gesture of love has to be grandiose. In fact, it can be in the small details that you really see someone’s love for you.
Maybe he leaves work an hour early just want to take you out for a dinner. Or perhaps he rolls out of bed 10 minutes before you just so you can wake up to the smell of your favorite coffee. In the grand scheme of things, it’s the little things that count.

He misses you when apart: If you two are apart, but he still text you, call you, or email you to let you know how much he misses you, then it means he can’t imagine his life without you.

He really opens up to you: He tells you what he is thinking, feeling, fearing, and longing for. If the person really opens up about his childhood, greatest regrets, most painful moments, or most romantic dreams for the future, then it’s likely that he likes you because he is so comfortable telling you about almost everything

He misses you when apart: If you and your loved one are apart, but he still text you, call you, or email you to let you know how much he misses you, then it means he can’t imagine his life without you.

He shows interest in even your “weird” hobbies: When a man loves you, he’ll want to know about everything you’re passionate about. Whether it’s painting anime characters or racing ferrets, he won’t brush off your unique interests.

He is always there for you: This includes those times when it’s inconvenient: when you need a ride from the airport or you need someone to walk your dog while you’re sick. If the person truly loves you, then they’ll be there for you during the fun times as well as the not-so-fun times.

He does nice things – just to make you happy: He’ll be willing to get you your favorite food when you’re feeling down, or take care of you when you’re sick, or just do what it takes to make you smile if he’s in love with you.

Some psychological facts about true Love….


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