Why doesn’t India have any Elon Musk despite having 135 crore people?

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It’s certainly true India doesn’t have even a single Entrepreneur with the vision & Innovative charisma of Elon Musk.

Then what do we have?

a Sundar Pichai,

a Satya Nadella,

and an Arvind Krishna

And why is that? The system we are living in is a complete soul-sucking one that deprives any young mind of any sorts of innovation. The only job it does is to teach us how to be obedient employees as in the case of the above three people. The reasons are many- the educational system, the government, the media…but the most toxic one is perhaps the Indian family & society. It completely ostracises anybody moving towards the entrepreneurial side & demands them to take up a risk-free secure government job.

What is it like to work for Jeff Bezos?

How many times have you seen a board exam topper say he/she wants to be an IAS officer? Countless. How many times have you seen a topper who has said he/she wants to be the next Elon Musk or a Jack Ma? NEVER

How realistic is even that idea? Almost 10 lakh people appear for UPSC civil service exams every year. At least 2 lakh people among them will be serious candidates. And how many get chosen? A minuscule 829 people. That means lakhs of youngsters have already wasted their prime years in a hopeless pursuit.

But what would have happened if this person had spent this time entirely concentrating on bringing up a successful startup? Not only could he have made a successful business, but he would have also employed several other people in his venture. In a nation like ours which is filled with a humongous population of unemployed youth, providing new job opportunities is nothing short of service to the Nation.

What is wrong with the Indian education system?

So what should our society do? Dilute the importance they give towards a secure government job & instead make the youth say they want to be an entrepreneur. Stop making them fight for jobs that already exist & instead make them fight for creating new jobs. Stop shaming people who dare to take a risk. Create an environment in which entrepreneurs are praised for their attempts irrespective of whether it will turn out to be successful or not. Our nation will never succeed unless we change this mindset.

Which is ahead in Technology, China or India?


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