What is wrong with the Indian education system?

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He is Sushil Kumar who won 5 crore rupees (50 million) in Kon Banega Crorepati (KBC) season 5.

After winning 5 crore rupees (50 million) let me tell you what he did with that money, he started investing this money in different businesses without understanding and lost a huge amount. He used to donate nearly INR 50,000 every month. Many people misused his philanthropy and cheated him by making several excuses.

His selfish friends made him addicted to alcohol and smoking. He lost all his winning amount. Now, he had bought two cows and is selling cow’s milk for his living and earning.

Coming back to the question, What is wrong with the Indian education system?

We aren’t taught financial literacy in school. It takes a lot of work and time to become financial literate. Due to this poor education system, most of us don’t know perfectly, what to do with our money in future.

Sushil Kumar’s life took a turn for the worse after winning Rs 5 crore on KBC



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