Things that a couple has to sacrifice after their newborn baby…

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SEX : Firstly Mother’s body won’t allow , secondly she will not be having any such desire and energy and lastly no time.

SLEEP : To set a fixed routine for baby’s sleep, you need time , practice and patience. Obviously the newbie has “just landed” ,let her/ him be at her/ his own .

FOOD : That is only for moms , if you are breastfeeding the baby, then food should be healthy and preferably which helps to increase the breast milk.( At least till the time of exclusive breastfeed).

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OUTINGS : A new born baby means a full stop to leisure trips. You need to protect baby from unnecessary exposure to dust / infections / pollution and secondly who will carry a baby with baby bag unless it’s necessary or both the parents are very comfortable.

MOVIES & SHOWS : If you are a couple who just looks forward to weekend in order grab a big bowl of popcorn and watch pipelined movies and shows , then sorry for the disappointment, baby won’t allow / baby won’t like you doing that.

ALCOHOL & SMOKING : No alcohol for moms and no smoking for both ( dads atleast in the baby’s room) , FOR THE OBVIOUS REASONS.

Parenting is the best thing out of marriage/ your relationship as a couple.

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