What is it like to work for Jeff Bezos?

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I have never worked with Jeff Bezos. I don’t even know anyone who has worked directly with Jeff Bezos.

But I’ve read a lot about it, and I know a lot about working for these great entrepreneurs with a very specific character.

Like any great entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos is very demanding of others. He is as demanding as he is with himself.

Jeff Bezos will tend to get annoyed with people who don’t understand things as quickly as he does. He will easily feel frustration which he will express in a negative way.

So it’s not really pleasant to work directly with him.

Jeff Bezos became aware of this problem and sought to improve himself by getting a coach for this. I don’t know if this work has paid off though.

What these entrepreneurs find hard to understand is that as an employee you may not have the same incredible motivation to see Amazon succeed as he does.

Of course, if you work with Jeff Bezos, you have a high enough position to benefit from Amazon’s great success. However, at the end of the day, Amazon is not your company. Jeff Bezos has an extra motivation that others don’t have.

That’s what many startup owners don’t seem to grasp. Yet they continue to demand that their employees work as hard as they do all the time.



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