What are the different stages of a relationship, and how long do they typically last?

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Perfect peak period. When you first fell in love, you would feel that the world is so beautiful. The jokes he tells are always funny. Every meal he eats is delicious, and how happy two people are together. Both parties are seriously involved in this relationship. Although this relationship will exhaust you, neglect your family and friends, and even affect your work, but the relationship is in front of you, don’t think too much. . After a period of contact, the feelings slowly faded. You may still take this relationship to the end, because you will recall the happy time you used to be together, and think of how you came together.

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Facing conflict. After falling in love for 3-6 months, the relationship will tend to be flat, do you think he is really suitable for you? There is no way to avoid this stage. Only after this period of time can we maintain a long-term relationship. When encountering setbacks, don’t lose heart and think about some good aspects. You can also take him as a wrong opportunity to let himself out. After a few months, you still feel that he is the right choice for you, indicating that your relationship can go further. You can take him to meet your friends or parents and let them know more about it. If you feel that you still can’t bear his shortcomings after you have a deeper understanding of him, you’d better reflect on yourself. If it is because of external factors, family factors, you may lose confidence in him. You can try again.

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Happily together. After six months to a year of love, the two passed the break in period. Don’t like him because of his shortcomings. Because you also have your own shortcomings. You think your current mode of getting along with each other is very comfortable, and you like it very much. Even if you don’t have those sweet words, you can get along well, and it won’t affect your relationship. But when he is ill, you take good care of her. Will make your feelings more solid.

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Get bored. Your relationship is stable and you won’t have any more doubts. But such a cycle back and forth, day after day, will make you tired, you are divorced from friends, to other center, give up hobbies, feelings will not necessarily be good. So through things other than love, you can be distracted. So you don’t just care about your feelings. You can share with each other any happy things in the outside world. It doesn’t make you focus on your emotions. No boredom.

What is your one piece of advice for having a successful lasting relationship?

New climax. After more than two years of contact, you feel that there is no estrangement between you. After going through ups and downs together, your feelings will not be affected, and you will reach a new period. But at this time, if you talk about marriage, you can talk about traveling together. No matter how good your relationship is, you have to go through these stages. In each stage you go through, your relationship will become closer.

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