What are brutal truths everyone should realize earlier in life?

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What are the unwritten rules of having online lessons/classes?

Please turn your camera off if everyone else’s is off. This is very important don’t be that one kid who always has their camera...

What are the major mistakes that every student does in their B.Tech life?

Some major mistakes that most of the students make in their Graduation days that I find quite repenting are: Studying for just marks: The topper...

Tourism in India

In simple language Tourism is travel for peace, pleasure and for business purpose. We limit common perception regarding tourism is to holiday activity, as...

Mamaearth Product Reviews

Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo Onion oil increases blood circulation by taking care of the scalp. It improves hair growth and also relieves hair loss...

Your real life will start after college life…..Before that, it all was small obstacles.

The best life is school life. So, don’t waste it and enjoy it fully.

If you are an introvert then you have to learn how to talk to people, to survive in this world.

The world is changing every day. You have to run fast with time or faster than that, otherwise, you will be unemployed.

If you want to be super rich then you have to work very very hard for many years. It will not gonna happen in days.

Why do Indian parents oppose a live-in relationship?

If you want to be successful then you have to be successful then you have to be dependent only on yourself. Don’t depend on others to help.

There will be very less people who will be with you in your failures.

Life is full of pain and failures. It’s up to you, how much you can face that without quitting.

It may be happening, people will not respect or love you back as much as you do. But that’s ok. It is a rule of life.

You have to choose one- a healthy person or a super successful person. Because it is very difficult to manage your health with your struggling in life for success.

Life will not postpone our deaths, So let us not postpone our life !!


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