Why do Indian parents oppose a live-in relationship?

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Society- Society when they see couples in public places- ‘Sharam nhi aati inhe? Inke maa-baap inka dhyan ni rakhte?’ and will keep staring them until the couple start feeling awkward and leave. Indian parents value society’s opinions more than their own’s. And do you think Indian society will accept live-in relationships? Mind you, Indian society is full of gossip-mongers waali aunties. They’ll just get another chance to gossip, humiliate and insult the parents of live-in couples.

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Conservative families- In India, even today a lot of families are conservative. These people value their honor above all. I feel bad for the girls born in such families as they have to face a lot of restrictions like they’re not allowed to attend parties or go out after 6 pm and the most horrific of all, if they date a guy and their family comes to know about the relationship, they’ll be forced to cut all the connections from their boyfriend and will be found in their in-laws house after a few days.

No matter how much you grow up, Indian parents will still consider you as a 5 year-old child. They’ll force you to choose what they want in any case, be it buying any product and stuff and do you think they’ll allow you to get into a live-in relationship?

Our society is becoming modernized slowly-slowly. It’ll take some time for Indians to accept such things. There are a lot of people in metropolitan cities who are quite liberal and have no problem with live-in relationships.

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