Why do most celebrities use Apple iPhone in India?

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The iPhone is one of the few phones that act as a status symbol. Especially in countries like India. But the iPhone is popular all around the World and adds to their image.

Celebrities as we know lead a very busy life. So, I’m guessing they don’t have much time to fiddle with their phones and all. We have to accept that the iPhone is way simpler to use than other phones. Also, even if they spend the little time they have in gaming or surfing the web or something, what’s a better phone than an iPhone for apps for doing just that.

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Also, to have the media content like TV shows, movies, songs on the iPhone, the simplest way is to buy them through iTunes or the more ‘affordable’ one is syncing with your PC. However, given their time-frame, celebrities cannot do that. But again, affordability is no concern for them.

The iOS is one of the most secure mobile operating softwares. Ofcourse, celebrities require this. A point I’d like to make is about the ‘iCloud Hack’. Most people confuse it for a ‘hack’ but actually, it was just a phishing scam where celebrities gave out their account passwords to imposters.

No one doubts the ability of an iPhone’s camera! I mean, admit it, it is just great and has got better with every new model. What’s a celebrity without great pictures and ‘selfies’?

So, I finally conclude, these reasons are more than enough for most celebrities to choose an iPhone over any other phone.

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