What was the best relationship advice you ever got?

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What is the best way to choose life partner?

First, each other is each other's good friend, does not take any condition, likes to be together with each other.

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Reduce your temper. When he apologizes, we shouldn’t ask “Where did you go wrong”? Men and women have really different ideas on many things, and it’s impossible to talk about it when they quarrel. “How do you fall in love with different genders” Do you think this sentence is just a joke?

Avoid inappropriate ways of quarreling.Try not to quarrel overnight. If the conflict cannot be resolved that day, it is best to meet directly instead of calling. Avoid text messages. When emotionally unstable, text messages can easily make people try to figure out the other party’s ideas maliciously. No matter how excited, don’t talk about the breakup. If you want to divide, you will really divide, don’t mention it if you don’t.

Operate carefully. Don’t ignore the other party’s psychology, the other party’s silence, hesitation and other details just because you have been together for a long time. Don’t think about coming back just because you are in a hurry to go out. Call the other party to care about it when you are on the road. In addition, the attractiveness of the opposite sex is maintained, and only those who have changeability are attractive.

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It is not difficult to make someone like you, but it is not easy to make someone love you forever. It is more attractive to him than to frugally buy expensive gifts for him and just tidy up the room to make himself attractive. Buying sexy underwear, keeping fit, or learning to dance are all beneficial.

Maintain a sense of freshness. When feelings are about to become plain, I suggest to take some careful thinking to create a sense of freshness. Give a small gift from time to time and give a small surprise. Sing a song and record it and send it to each other, try things you don’t usually do, and cultivate new hobbies personally.

What ten things have you stopped doing in your life?

Sexual relations and spiritual communication are equally important. Many girls think that mental communication in relationships is more important than sex, no, they are all important. You were shy and cute when you had sex today, and you will still be shy and lovely the day after tomorrow, but every time for 30 years?

You can be tender today, be shy tomorrow, take the initiative the day after tomorrow, the style of the day after tomorrow, or occasionally change one day. Even if the partner is the same in the same place, the same posture, and the woman’s attitude is different, the taste is completely different. In addition to your different reactions, small details can also create a sense of freshness and wonderful excitement.

For example, if you have jewelry and no clothes, you can just wear a necklace; for example, women who don’t usually wear nail polish put on beautiful nail polish; for example, women who don’t usually wear perfume spray some light fragrance behind their necks. These are easy to do, and it’s not impossible to blindfold if you like. It is attractive to cook a pot of good soup, but women who have reproductive desire are more attractive.

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