What are some things you realized when you got mature?

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It’s better to keep silent. In some situations when you explain people more, it doesn’t help. The more you explain, the more they will suspect you. Nowadays, people don’t like to get more explanation, it’s better to stay quiet when you know the other is not ready to understand.

Social media is useless. When you are a child you don’t know the value of time and waste lots of your time on social media, but when you realize the value of the time you stop wasting your precious time on social media. Stop or limit using those apps before you realize the fact.

What are some Psychological Facts about Love?

Friends are not important. Friends are good to have but don’t give that much because you make friends at each stage of your life, your that stage will complete, you’ll move on and they too. But don’t get upset if you all move on, just remember the memories you had with them and smile that it did happen.

OK to be misunderstood. It’s OK if people don’t understand you, you owe no explanation to anyone. It’s is common to be misunderstood, you are not here to make everyone understand you, but to understand yourself.

What was the best relationship advice you ever got?

No one is perfect. In this world and mistakes don’t mean you are failures. Mistakes tell you to do better next time. Life doesn’t come with instructions so it’s fine if you have made mistake. It’s OK to have a bad day, be less than perfect. You will be still you. These are some of the things you realized when you got mature or by your life experience.

Crying doesn’t make you weak. Crying is the symbol of inner strength, it is the only thing that is heavy yet makes you feel lighter. It doesn’t have to be considered as a weakness. Things you realize when you got mature is Crying itself is a form of strength. A strong person cries, then get up and fight again.

What should teenagers stop doing in school?


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