What ten things have you stopped doing in your life?

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Don’t smoke in the morning. The body’s metabolism has not yet returned to the normal level when you wake up in the morning. When the breathing rate is slow, the deposition carbon dioxide is more. In this case, people will be resulted into some symptoms feeling dizzy and weak.

Don’t read the newspaper when go to the toilet. The reason is simple: it’s easy for you to suffer from constipation.

Don’t get involved in some meaningless reunion.

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Squint. Some people are accustomed to narrow the eyes to see things clearly, it results in eye muscles fatigue.

Some people put them directly in the pocket without looking at them when accepting other people’s business cards.

Cross the street without sidewalks. This is a very common phenomenon. Cross the road to adhere to walk in the sidewalk under any given circumstances, because it is responsible for life.

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Don’t talk aloud in public place. This rule applies for everyone. I’m sure that you dislike this phenomenon that A couple are fighting in the street or squalling children.

Look around or stare at someone when you aren’t acquainted with someone else on the elevator.

Don’t flaunt your abilities or intelligence. Never Show off Girls actually hate showing off thing. Don’t ever put a fake thing that you are not.

Don’t think too much. It just has to be one thing. If you do one thing each day, you’ll reach your goal.

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