What should teenagers stop doing in school?

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Drink a glass of cold water every morning when you wake up. Think of that glass of water as new life just...

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Why do most celebrities use Apple iPhone in India?

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Stop making excuses for not doing homework. I hate it when the teacher asks everyone to take out their homework and there’s a couple of people that say: I didn’t complete my homework because I had to work or something like that. Like when you get off work you can still get it done.

Stop doing drugs in school. I know several people that do drugs in the school bathroom. But they somehow don’t get caught like how?

Some lesser-known sights to see when visiting Chandigarh, India?

Smoking/vaping in the bathroom. This goes along with my 2nd point. Why would you smoke and vape in the bathroom? When you know the bathroom will be smelling like it. Like people need to do better.

Stop showing off what you brought with your parent’s money. Okay, your rich but you don’t have to show off to everyone.

Stop making excuses for failing a test. There are many people at my school always make an excuse when they fail a test. Like it’s not my fault that you didn’t even bother to open the book when you were studying. You probably were strolling around on Instagram instead of studying.

Bullying. OMG do I got to say anything about this one? Bullying isn’t right some people are going through things at home.

Which few things we should never do in our life?


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