What are some mind-blowing facts about Social Psychology?

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Frequent appearance can really make the other person like you – exposure effect: most people prefer things they are familiar with.

The longer the cohabitation time before marriage, the more difficult it is to get married, and the lower the possibility of marriage.

Men will miss their ex occasionally after breaking up.

The principle of the so-called “win-win” is to make common concessions.

Subjective feelings can’t make up for your objective value. Once there is a problem in the relationship between the two people, the subjective feelings will subside temporarily, but the value contradiction will be more prominent.

The more you want to be intimate with each other, the more you need to establish personal boundaries.

It’s more difficult for a passionate feeling to last long.

Put your consumption carefully on a long term basis. Too much passion in the early stage will lead to the lack of power in the follow-up.

Many so-called “giving” without asking for return will be extremely selfish “taking”.

What will eventually lead to the breakdown of the relationship is likely to be the shortcomings of the other party that you don’t accept at the beginning, but make do with the mentality of running in.

It’s too likely that you are losing yourself. Murphy’s law in love

People who often mention breaking up may not really want to break up. On the contrary, many people who really want to break up may not say a word clearly.

Don’t show all your cards at the beginning of your relationship.

In love, don’t think the other party doesn’t love yourself enough / don’t fantasize that the other party still loves you after breaking up.

Expressing love in a way that the other person likes is the right thing to do.


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