What are some great advice for 20-25 year old singles?

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Make your health your first priority, then career, then GF/BF (Trust me this can wait if it is real and genuine).

There is no substitution for a mother’s love in this world.Respect her, greet her and keep her happy irrespective of any thing.

If not feeling mentally well, there is no harm in speaking your heart out to your closed ones. Talk to them and cry it out.

Basic Manners and Etiquette that are important to know for all……

Appreciate your colleagues, friends and loved ones when they are doing something good for the society. It encourages them and when people get appreciated they give more than required.

If into IT industry try to learn Python/R any of these languages, trust me it will help you to do your things on your own.

I believed in living in present so I never used to save much. But now I have started savings with effective plans for the future. Sit and plan your savings, it is important and required.

What do teenage girls find attractive in boys?

Don’t disrespect anyone. If possible, try to communicate your thoughts in more polite and calm way.

When you are angry and feeling helpless, don’t take any major decision of your life. Give some time to your self to come back to your senses.

Eat healthy and think positive. Law of attraction has lot to offer if you think in the right direction.

What is the best way to choose life partner?



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