Which is the reliable and cheap web hosting company in India?

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As the Indian market is so full of different hosting providers, choosing the best one can be tricky. Everyone wants to have the cheapest deal, but it’s essential to look at the quality as well. While web hosting can start from ₹59/month you must consider a lot of different aspects in order to choose the best option for your project. This article will help you figure out the most important aspects while choosing a web hosting company. So you can easily select the best option by yourself.

Let’s see what the most important criteria for choosing the web hosting company are:

Uptime: This measure shows how reliable the web hosting provider is. Uptime is usually counted in percent, and I would recommend not choosing anything below 99,9%. If you cannot find the company guarantee, you can always google the tests done by other users.

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Newest Technology: It will show that the company is reliable, and its hardware and software won’t fail you. Things such as SSD drives go a long way in speed and performance of the servers.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Simply put, how many visitors will be allowed to visit your website at the same time. If the bandwidth is limited, you might face some issues for higher traffic websites.

Word of Mouth: It’s very important to listen to what other users are saying about the company. Check sources such as Trust-pilot, and you’ll see what other people think about the company.

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Server Location: As you are looking to host your website in India, your visitors will most likely be from there. You want your website to be close to your users, so you should choose a company with servers in the Asia region. For example, Hostinger has seven servers worldwide, and the best one for India would be Singapore, as it’s close to India.

Freebies: For the best deal, check what comes with the package you are choosing. Often you can get things such as free domains and free SSL certificates together with the hosting package. That way, you can make sure you are getting the biggest value out of the price you pay.

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