What is the coolest psychological trick?

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If the distance between the opposite sex is less than 50cm, it is easy for them to have crush on each other. When a girl doesn’t refuse your physical contact with her, she has a high probability of being attracted to you.

Look at the opposite sex who is your good friend, if She or he is afraid to look your eyes. If he doesn’t do something to betray you, he probably likes you.

In a relationship , if a girl never makes trouble with you, check your mobile phone and quarrel with you for a little trifle. No matter how late you play outside, she won’t blame you and angry with you. Then she will trust you, but she doesn’t like you at all.

Most awesome psychological facts you must know…………

Those who do not like to express their opinions in the crowd are actually the most thoughtful people.

When someone is gentle to the weak, even if his appearance looks ferocious, which can’t hide his inner kindness .

People who like black and white and other neutral color: their personality is mostly very easy-going, gentle and considerate, broad-minded, will not care about gain and loss. People who like blue and purple cool color , most of them have deep thoughts, have their own ideas, have a strong sense of responsibility. Some of them will be more sentimental.

Someone always love to talk the words like:I am good or I am ok, people who are never open up his minds to others. Most of them have strong personalities. When they encounter something, they will choose to bear it alone. His appearance looks light, but in fact, the heart is full of holes.

If you can easily see through a person’s behavior. Then he is just a mirror reflecting your inner world.

What are the more inconspicuous symptoms of depression?

People who don’t like to ask for help are generally not gregarious. They don’t have many close friends. They don’t trust others completely. Their heart is not bad. It’s just that some experience they had made a deep impression on him, which also caused his present personality.

Most of those who are grumpy, jealous and manipulative and have a strong aversion to animals and children are prone to domestic violence. Girls must stay away.

Good communication will serve a relationship. Improper communication will sever a relationship.


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