Some lesser-known sights to see when visiting Chandigarh, India?

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1) Sector 8-9-10 Gerhi route – The Geri route is a set of streets in northern Chandigarh. Where youth, mostly students, regularly drive cars and motorbikes. The route, spans from Sectors 8,9,10 to 11.

2) Hotel Aroma, Sector 22 – Founded in 1953, Hotel Aroma is as old or as young as Chandigarh. Check into the most spacious rooms and suites.

3) Sector 17 – Shop in the heart of Chandigarh is Considered to be the “Pedestrian’s Paradise”, Sector 17 market is the ultimate destination for the fun lovers, party animals and shopaholics.

4) Garden of Silence – Located at one end of the Sukhna lake, the garden has a huge Buddha idol in the center. The best time to visit is at night, after sunset.

5) Rehri Markets – Rehri markets in Sector 22 and 19 – Shastri Market, Sector 22 and ‎Sadar Bazaar, Sector 19 both are the most famous local shopping points of Chandigarh. You can buy almost everything here, including clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. at quite reasonable prices.

6) The Rose Garden – Rose garden, located at sector 16 in Chandigarh, is a place to relax amid nature at its best. The garden is packed with some exquisite variety of flowers making it quite popular among tourists and nature enthusiasts.

7) Doll Museum, Sector 23 – Its must see place for kids. The museum has a good collection of dolls across the world. There are many different types of dolls. The toys depicting Indian and other culture.

8) Kikar Lodge – Just two hours from Chandigarh, The Kikar Lodge offers a rare opportunity to discover wildlife in their natural habitat. If you want to experience warmth, comfort and adventure all in one location, head to The Kikar Lodge

9) Tower Of Shadows – It located in the sec-1 of Chandigarh city. Capitol Complex is a government compound designed by the architect Le Corbusier. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spread over an area of around 100 acres and is a prime manifestation of Chandigarh’s architecture.

10) Elante Mall – A landmark in Chandigarh city, Elante Mall seeks the attention of everybody. And it remains one of the most sought after locations in the planned city of India which offers wonderful shopping avenues to the visitors and the locals alike.


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